About us

Duobest International Co., Ltd. is professional provider of orthopedic and rehab bracing, trunk and limb supports, postoperative protection, foot care products, medical compression stocking in Taiwan. We had over decade experience on this field, knowing what the clients’demands and providing full set and comprehensive products lines and service to satisfy our worldwide clients. 
Our factory also cooperated with many famous companies in USA and Europe, therefore, our R&D team is professional and experienced in ODM and OEM collaboration. We also can provide full set products with customer own branding and packaging design.
Making products to wear and apply more comfortable, easy application, multi-functional are our main goal. We constantly strive to develop and research high quality and high-tech new products to meet our main goal and wishing the patients who apply or wear our products can be all the best in their life. Therefore, we decided “Allbest” be our own brand, and Duobest wish you all the best in your life.
Our main products are as below:

-Back Support
-Abdominal Binder
-Pelvic Support
-Maternity Support
-Limb Support (Knee/Wrist/Elbow/Ankle/Thigh/ Calf)
-Wrist Splint
-Knee immobilization
-Ankle Brace
-Cervical Collar
-Clavicle Brace
-Posture Corrector
-Arm Sling (immobilization)
-Ankle Walker
-Night Splint
-Silicone Insole and foot care products
-Medical Compression Stocking
-Finger Splint

Duobest is an honesty, truly, and responsibility company, because of we believe only treat the clients honestly, truly, and willing to take responsibility which can help us to establish a long term business. We will be your reliable partner and best choice.