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Quick Lock ROM Knee Brace

Quick Lock ROM Knee Brace

* Stabilize the knee after cast removal or surgery.
* It can adjust the range of motion to limit the knee in a normal motion.
* Quick Lock ROM hinge can set up the desired angle quickly and easily.
* Fixed angel just need one quick step, very easy to control.
The Quick Lock ROM Knee Splint can be worn after cast removal or surgery as rehabilitation. It composes of alloy aluminum, micro fiber, injection parts, PU foam liner, and hook with loop closures. The Quick Lock ROM hinge is new generation ROM, which can fix the design angle very quickly and very easy to control. The range of motion is from 0 to 120 degree flexion and 0 to 90 degree extension. The fixed angle is 0, 15, 30, 45 degree. Side bars was made by lightweight alloy aluminum and with micro fiber plastic injection parts which allows adjust the length from 71.5cm ~54 cm. High density foam liner with four panels design can enhance comfort and ventilation.  
Size: One Size
 Adjustable Length from 71.5 to 54 cm.