Orthopedic - Low Limb

Smart OA Knee Brace

APK008 / APK009
Smart OA Knee Brace

The Smart OA Knee Brace for osteoarthritis or aging and wear and tear knee cartilage. It provide medial and lateral off-loading adjustment to reduce pain by shifting your weight off the most damaged pare of the knee. It helps pain relief and increase the distance you can walk comfortably.
‧ Smart key and precision rotary latch provide medial and lateral off-loading adjustment.
‧ Contoured design and wear either over or under a pant leg.
‧ Very simple adjustment hinge and easy to put on & off.
‧ With anti-slip straps for a long wear time.
‧ Light weight and ventilation.

‧ Available for left or right leg

Size: One size fits most