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Air Back Support

Air Back Support
* Stabilize the lumbar region to relieve backache.
* Air bladder and pump insert can provide cushioned effect and
   support the spine and back in position.
* Easy pump operation for inflated and deflated the air.
* Breathable elastic straps to allow the air exchange to keep skin dry and comfort.
•Two side-pulls can adjust the desired tension for a perfect fit.
Size:  S, M, L, XL, XXL
Back Height : 21 cm
Size Circumference of Waist
S 56 ~ 71cm 22"~28"
M 71 ~ 84cm 28"~33"
L 84 ~ 97cm 33"~38"
XL 97 ~ 109cm 38~43"
XXL 109 ~122cm 43"~48"